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2019 Federal Election | Negative Gearing Campaign

The Australian Labor party is committed to scaling back negative gearing, despite the steepest housing downturn since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). 

If elected, Labor’s negative gearing policy will:

  • Abolish negative gearing on further purchases of established property (restricted to new property only)
  • Halve the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exemption from 50% to 25%
  • Grandfather negative gearing on existing property investments

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says ‘now is the worst possible time for Labor’s disastrous housing tax – which will ensure anyone that owns their home will see their house worth less under Labor, and anyone who rents will end up paying more’.

The REIA is coordinating the industry’s response to the threat posed by changes to negative gearing and will launch a four week social media campaign during the election.

Across all real estate networks, the customer databases within our businesses provide enormous reach into the Australian electorate. That provides the industry with the opportunity to outline the threat posed to all Australians by changes to negative gearing policy.

The REIA requests that all real estate businesses do the following:

  1. Distribute the enclosed marketing collateral to buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords on your customer databases
  2. Print the marketing collateral and place it in your shopfront window display
  3. Share the enclosed social media videos on Facebook
  4. Follow the REIA Facebook Page throughout the election and share its daily posts


Please work your way through the menu items on the left side of this page and complete each task.

Marketing Collateral

Please download the five attached eFlyers:

  1. Negative gearing – Generic message
  2. Negative gearing – Buyers
  3. Negative gearing – Home Owners
  4. Negative gearing – Landlords
  5. Negative gearing – Tenants

Place them in your shopfront displays and email the appropriate eFlyer to the buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords on your database.


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To download, click the thumbnail, select ‘Open with’ then ‘Download’



Facebook/Twitter Videos

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Instagram Videos

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Follow REIA on Facebook

Please go to the REIA Facebook Page using your personal Facebook profile:

LIKE the page and then click ‘Following’ to select ‘see first’ to assure you will see all REIA posts.

Please share on a daily basis. 



To ‘Like’ the REIA Facebook Page as your company Page, go to the REIA Facebook Page using your company Page and click the three dots under the cover image, then select ‘Like as your page’.


Template Media Release

Please download the attached template media release, fill in your details, and send to your local newspaper, add to your blog/website and share through your social channels.

To download the media release, click DOWNLOAD, then the three dots at the top right of the screen and 'Download':

Public Relations

Have you recently sold an older style investment property to an average Australian earning under $80,000 per year? 

Stories about buyers such as defence force personnel, nurses, teachers, ambulance drivers, policemen and women etc. would be ideal for the industry to make the media aware of.

If you know of such a buyer, please notify your network’s communications/PR contact immediately.